Thinking Matters Evolution

Thinking Matters Evolution is an evidence-based approach to learning cognitive behavioral skills.  Principles of effective intervention are demonstrated through the use of adult learning theory, social skills theory and cognitive restructuring theory. A comprehensive set of worksheets are used to acquire and practice skills necessary for lasting behavioral changes.















A self directed approach to changing problem behaviors.

Text Box: Thinking Matters Evolution
An innovative 5 Step Process to Improving Lives

Step 1 of Thinking Matters Evolution helps people separate the action taken in a situation from their viewpoint of the situation.  The skill of seeing the difference between our viewpoint and the facts helps us to see our own responsibility.  It also, helps us to understand that we need not take responsibility for the actions of others.  Blaming others for our decisions and behavior allows others to have unnecessary power over our lives.

Step 2 of Thinking Matters Evolution helps people to find the thinking, feelings, attitudes and beliefs they used in a certain situation.  The exercises in step 2 are designed to sort through the situation as if the situation is happening in the “here and now”.  This gives people a chance to practice looking at their thoughts and feelings when things are not urgent.  Calmly viewing the thoughts and feelings that happened before action was taken can show people how certain thinking can lead to problems and regretful decisions.

Step 3 of Thinking Matters Evolution helps people look at the meaning we see in situations.  Meaning is significant because it helps people determine what is important to them.  If something is very important things seem more urgent.  When this happens it is difficult to remain calm or consider different options.  Many people make bad decisions because they believe it is important to make a decision quickly instead of taking more time to consider different viewpoints.  Step 3 provides practice looking at how the meaning we assign is important for making decisions.

Step 4 of Thinking Matters Evolution helps people to look at their thinking as a connected set of parts.  People usually have patterns in their thinking that come from habits they have learned through their life experiences.  Step 4 helps people see that the way we think is sometimes important for making decisions that lead to trouble.  Looking at the way thinking is connected to feelings, and expectations can help people to practice becoming more aware that small pieces of thought can be important.

Step 5 of Thinking Matters Evolution helps people look for thinking that leads away from trouble or hurting others.  It is often very hard to think in new ways when it seems so important to act NOW.  Step 5 helps people practice looking for new thinking when it doesn’t seem urgent.  This helps to look at new thinking as a real possibility and helps people become more comfortable thinking in ways that are not familiar to us.  When the time comes to use new thinking it will be more comfortable and less unfamiliar.

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