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Thinking Matters Evolution

Grand Rapids, MI October 23, 2015 Enroll NOW!

Most cognitive behavioral approaches to changing behavior focus upon why people do the things that cause them problems. Oftentimes people try to correct problematic behaviors by substituting one behavior for another. This does not often bring about long term behavior and lifestyle changes because entrenched thinking habits are left unaddressed.
Thinking Matters Evolution takes a different approach. Using a step-by step process Thinking Matters Evolution teaches skills that help people understand their own thinking and decision making. This five step process begins with viewing situations objectively and moves toward alternative thinking for similar situations.
Using a worksheet based approach Thinking Matters Evolution helps people discover and correct thinking that leads to risk of problem behaviors.
Thinking Matters Evolution is appropriate for anyone that would like to work toward ridding themselves of troubling behaviors. The gender neutral graphics and easy to understand language is appropriate for adults and youth.

Introduction to Cognitive Approaches

Introduction to Cognitive Behavioral Approaches is designed for jail and probation staffs. It has been requested by community corrections professionals, jail administrators, probation staffs and university instructors. The purpose of the training is to familiarize support and referral staff with antisocial thinking patters. The goal is to help participants understand how these approaches operate and what they can do to enhance effectivness of program delivery and ensure desired outcomes.


Thinking Matters Facilitator Training
Clare, MI, November 2 & 3, 2015 Enroll NOW!

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Thinking Matters Facilitator training has been designed to teach a broad range of program staffs to facilitate Thinking Matters group delivery. This training uses a practical approach that incorporates social and adult learning theory in an interactive fashion. Particpants actually perform the work they will teach to their clientele. Thinking Matters is intended to help prepare offenders for more meaningful and effective particpation in a variety of program curricula and therapy. Examples include substance abuse, violence reduction and life-skills programs. The goal is to provide consistent and flexible short-term program delivery across a broad range of settings for correctional offenders. This includes use in open or closed enrollment circumstances.

The Thinking Matters approach can be used in a secure, residential or community setting. It can be used as a primer for subsequent programming or as a stand alone model. When used as a stand alone approach it can be expanded to accommodate longer terms of program participation for higher risk needs offenders. This curriculum is available in the public domain thus eliminating purchasing costs.


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