Thinking Matters

Thinking Matters Evolution

A new website dedicated to the newest version of Thinking Matters. 

· New graphics

· Comprehensive worksheets

· User friendly format

· Gender neutral language

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Criminal Thinking Therapy

Criminal thinking resources and provides links to Stanton E. Samenow and others.

The Change Companies

Provides evidence based training and programs for offenders and substance abusers.


Provides training and materials for cognitive programs. 

Correctional Counseling, Inc. (CCI)

Moral Reconation Therapy is a moral reasoning program that also uses cognitive behavioral concepts.

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Joyfields Institute              *Preferred Partner*


                 for Professional Development


A highly respected organization for a wide array of professional resources.


Training, consulting, professional development and evidence-based certification for criminal justice organizations. 


Provides webinars, regional and on-site training in the latest and most effective methods.

Text Box: Bright Outcomes LLC

Counseling, education and outpatient substance abuse company offering unique and effective services for substance abuse, relapse prevention, and self-defeating behavior using evidence based methodology.  Our programs are offered in three unique formats, including:

·         Reality Check Weekend Intensive
·         Reality Check Day Intensive
·         Reality Check Web (Available in Weekend and Day Intensives)

Bright Outcomes‘ Programs are designed to provide a positive, high impact, and life changing process that confronts clients with reality and the outcomes of their behavior, and guides the client to effective and healthy alternative choices.