Thinking Matters, LLC
Nothing matters more than your thinking!

Some behaviors create problems in our lives.
They are the tip of the iceberg.

The thinking habits we use to make decisions drive problematic behaviors.
To create lasting change, we must change the thinking beneath the behaviors.

This evidence based approach uses principles of effective intervention.
Training models include adult learning, social learning and cognitive restructuring theory and practices.

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Thinking Matters Facilitator Manual
Thinking Matters Facilitator Manual has step by step instructions for
working with clients using the Thinking Matters work sheets.
The language is generic and can be used with a wide variety of
problematic/criminal behaviors. Work sheets and bibliography are included.
  • Open or Closed Enrollment Format
  • Color Graphics
  • Training Available
  • Flexible and Expandable
Thinking Matters for Personal Relationships
Ugly behaviors can interfere with good relationships. More Thinking matters
is designed for us non-criminal types to help eliminate the ugliness from our
relationships; work and personal.
  • Work Sheet Based
  • Individual or Group Use
  • Not 'criminal' Oriented
  • Self-Assessment Included
  • Easy to Use
Thinking Matters Anti-Social Thinking Errors
Thinking Matters Thinking Errors helps clients become more aware of the habits in their
thinking that lead to poor results from their decisions. Facilitators can use this approach
to help clients participate more successfully in subsequent.
  • Focuses on Criminal Thinking
  • Graphics provide relevant visual aids
  • Supports domestice violence and sex offender treatment

Training seminars are available by contacting: Abe French,704 Gregg St., Nashville, MI 49073 phone: 989-615-2806